Photocopier, Printer, Samiltonsand MFP Maintenance & Service

Canon photocopier Service & Maintenance

After sales support comes in a variety of options for you from a basic cost per copy maintenance contract to a bespoke written maintenance contract that meets your business requirements. We also offer Time & Materials (T & M) service support where you pay for the initial call out and then per every ½ hour of labour thereafter, the call out normally covers you for the first hour of labour. This may suit a business if you have some of the smaller desktop machines or have very low volume throughput, however this is not a normal consideration where uptime, reliability and demand is required with the more advanced photocopiers and multi functional printers.

From the outset we will endeavour to listen, learn and understand about your business needs and requirements and then put forward our recommendations for your consideration. We will then methodically go through the detail and terms of the agreement to ensure that you have clear understanding and you are happy to progress with what you are about to agree to.

We want our business to grow and prosper in alignment with yours. Integrity is at the heart of building relationships and ensuring that you have the trust in us as a service support provider where our aim is to exceed your expectations on every level.

We can offer support outside of normal working hours if required as we appreciate that not all business conforms to the standard working day and therefore this gives you peace of mind that in the event that service is required we are always on hand to advise.