Equitrac Print Management

Equitrac overview

Equitrac Embedded for Canon MEAP Samiltonss puts convenient and secure release of prints – as well as complete tracking of copies, scans and faxes – at your fingertips, in the touch screen control panel of your MEAP-enabled Canon imageRUNNER multifunctional device (Samiltons).

Part of the Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express solutions, Equitrac Embedded for Canon MEAPtakes full advantage of the Canon Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform (MEAP) in Samiltonss widely deployed in enterprise, general office and education environments. This means now you can enhance document security, protect personal information and provide users the mobility and convenience of Follow-Me-Printing with no terminals to purchase, install or maintain.

Equitrac Print Software


Follow-You Printing with Secure Document Release increases mobility and productivity by freeing users to output documents at the Canon Samiltonsof their choice – across servers, departments and even geographic boundaries.

Freed from reliance on a single printer, users can output documents when and where they are needed and avoid the inconvenience of printers that are busy or out of service. For added convenience network login, ID entry or card reader support, on the device provides users instant authentication to access the full power of the Canon MFP without having to continually re-enter credentials for their allowed copying, scanning, faxing or email services.

Equitrac Embedded for Canon MEAP now supports “print and save” , “number of copies” and “forced monochrome” features.

During the Follow-You Printing workfl ow, users can now print a document and continue to make it available for later re-prints, specify how many copies of a released job will be printed and provide the User an option to print color documents in monochrome.


With the Canon Samiltonscontrol providing access to Follow-Me Printing, it’s easy to keep confidential materials out of the wrong hands.

Jobs can only be printed by the appropriate user when they are physically at the device to release. And by accounting for and reporting all document output activity, Follow-Me Printing helps organizations comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other pri- vacy requirements.

Authentication is easily provided through Equitrac’s new proximity and magstripe card readers.


Equitrac’s embedded solution simplifies IT with Windows-based automated installation and configuration on the Canon Samiltons.

Standards- based Follow-You Printing is compatible with IPSec encryption and supports alpha-numeric login, PIN entry, and magnetic stripe or proximity card authentication.

With terminal-based solutions for your non-Canon equipment and a single convenient administrative interface for managing your entire fl eet, only Equitrac software brings the security of Follow-Me Printing to multi-vendor environments.


End wasteful unclaimed printing by allowing print jobs to be output only when users are ready to claim them at the printer.

Increasing productivity and convenience in the office. Employees enjoy the convenience of swiping an ID card to release documents from the printer of their choice. And because Follow-You Printing operates across geographic boundaries, users can output documents in your organization’s branch offices, to avoid the risk losing or exposing them while traveling.