Canon Security & Cost Control Pack

SCCP overview

Do you know how much your organisation prints and how much it’s costing you?

Samiltonsprovides the SCCP Solution (Security & Cost Control Pack) to SMB’s allowing them to track details of all document activity and therefore allowing them to save money!


Security & Cost Control Pack

Reduce Costs

Samiltons are helping businesses increase cost awareness to all users and significantly reduce printing and copying costs. Each time a user logs on to the device, total print costs can be tracked and statistics such as colour use can be displayed.

Administrators can even include a custom message to encourage cost-cutting activities such as using mono printing and copying, duplex. Furthermore, details of every job and its costs are recorded, enabling managers to obtain reports showing usage for each user.

You can use this valuable information to save money, for example, by requesting that users frequently printing in colour restrict this activity to specific document types.

Secure Print

You can ensure confidential information stays that way. Secure printing means that documents are printed only when the relevant user authenticates themself at the Samiltons(multifunctional devices). This eliminates the problem of overflowing printer output trays, where confidential documents can be viewed by unauthorised users. And since prints are retrieved only when they’re needed, there are no forgotten documents and therefore less print wastage.


Thanks to Follow-Me-Printing, documents can be picked up at any Samiltonsor enabled printer on the network where the application is stored. Users simply identify themselves at the most convenient Samiltonsand the relevant documents are instantly printed.

User ID

A number of ways exist for users to authenticate themselves at the Canon Samiltons. For example, PIN numbers, usernames and passwords or job codes. With Security & Cost Control Pack you can also use the HlD contactless technology cards provided as an option with the software.