Canon eMaintenance

eMaintenance overview

e-Maintenance is a great service concept from Canon. A solution that allows you to take complete control of all your Canon multifunctional devices. Whilst simultaneously reducing administration burdens, increasing up-time for your printers and copiers, and helping you to optimise the productivity of your Canon equipment.

If you are the key administrator for printing, faxing, copying and scanning devices, Canon eMaintenance is here to save you time, headaches and budget. It’s a new concept in service that allows you to concentrate on more important things rather than having to resolve problems such as the accounts department running out of toner at a crucial time.



eMaintenance is based on Canon’s Remote Diagnostics System (RDS), which gives you, the customer, all the information you need about all of your connected Canon mfds 24-7.

Most importantly, Canon eMaintenance gives it to you online, in real-time, via a standard internet browser.

Simultaneously, the RDS alerts Samiltons. So if any error occurs, Samiltonswill be notified the minute it happens, and will be able to respond faster than ever before.

We get the message, you get the service.

Remote Diagnostics

The system will immediately send an alert if a fault occurs, or when a Canon Samiltons is not performing according to pre-determined conditions.

For example, if the number of paper-jams exceeds a given number, your service provider will be alerted by email. And error statistics will be automatically collated and delivered to the administrator.


eMaintenance includes consumables management to assist with order planning and stock control.

That means you never have to run out of Canon toner or stock-pile to avoid running low.

Canon e-Maintenance helps you to order what you need, when you need it.


e-Maintenance lives up to very high security standards. The communication between the system and the outside world is email based, encrypted and mainly out-bound.

It uses a customer’s existing email infrastructure, and follows the customer’s email security polices.

Less Admin

The Canon e-Maintenance system automatically reports the counter readings to your service provider.

No manual reporting means less administration. It also means that counter reporting errors are virtually eliminated, resulting in the accurate billing of service.

Increase up-time

The Canon e-Maintenance system will contact your service provider immediately and automatically, 24/7, in case of a faulty device.

Together with the fault notification, it provides valuable information, so that service can be carried out faster and more efficiently, minimising down time.

To put it simply – the right technician can be sent to the right place at the right time. And less down time means that you can carry out your business more effectively.

Total Control

• Delivers multifunctional device performance and usage data on-line in real-time

• Automatic meter reading reporting eliminates administration and errors

• Samiltons automatically notified of faults, errors and parts lifetime

• Automatic management of consumables stock

• Reduces admin to virtually nil

• Pro-active service puts you in complete control

• Easy web-based interface

• Creates reports that allows you to optimise the use of your machines


e-Maintenance works with most Canon Samiltonss and photocopiers. For more information on what models are supported, please contact us on 0208 7206952.